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Whilst you can use view these pages with any Web Browser, best results will be obtained with Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later. So far they have only been tested with Internet Explorer 3.0. It is also intented to test with Netscape Navigator and Lynx (2.6 or later). If things look odd then your browser may not support TABLES - the home page should look something like the following screen shot (40K gif).

These pages are still under development. It is intended that that mimimum requirement for viewing these pages should be a PC running in VGA (640x480) resolution with 256 colours. Currently, you will get best results if you have your display set to Super VGA (800x600) "True Colour" (24 bit or greater; millions of colours), although most of it should be OK in 256.

It is a design intention that the pages will perform OK given a 1Kb per second flow of data from the server to your browser. Sizes of large objects such as images and PDF (see below) files are given.

Occasionally, you will come across a document in Portable Document Format PDF. To view these you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0.

From time to time you will also be able to download Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel Documents. As a general rule, do not view documents of these types (which can contain powerful Macro language commands) on-line. Download them first, then check that the document is what you expect!

Every so often, you will see the Under Construction symbol. This indicates that the form and/or content of particular page is likely to change!

The date on the main pages is local to the UK.


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