BusiTrack is designed specifically for TECs to monitor Business to Business and TEC to Business activities. The System includes features to manage data relating to Organisations, Sites, Company Personnel, Contacts/Communications, Products, Projects and Actions. It is written in Visual C++ and has the potential to operate in any major RDBMS environment. This allows maximum performance and a choice of platforms including Ingres, Oracle, SQL Server etc. Currently it runs under Windows95 fully utilising the native features of this environment. It has complete Windows functionality including DDE to other major Windows applications such as Word, Excel etc. Full use is made of client/server architecture to minimise database access times

Core Business Data

In designing BusiTrack, considerable effort has been devoted to ensuring that the data model was able to reflect real world situations and business structures. In addition to the essential information on each businesses e.g. Name (Trade Name and Registered Name), Address, Size of Company, company personnel etc., it is also possible to store information on multiple sites which the company may have in different locations; again, this allows for address, telephone numbers etc., and on-site contacts. The structure has been designed so that it is possible to map the complex 'real world' multiple site or Parent/Subsidiary relationships that exist between companies. Furthermore, the system will allow the linking of companies on a temporary basis, for example where a joint venture has been identified.

Contact Logging

One of the features that most Client Management Systems have in common is Contact Logging. BusiTrack provides the facility to record all communications (telephone, mail, meetings etc.) between a TEC member of staff and contact persons within companies. In addition to allowing the recording details of the communication/meeting it also identifies which of the parties was the initiator, provides for the identification of other parties (which can include more than one company) and has the facility to link the contact log to other entities in the system, for example projects and joint ventures

Project Monitoring

The system supports the management of TEC projects by providing a simple Project Monitoring module, this allows tracking by task and creation of links to other entities in the system, e.g. Contact Logs and Actions.


BusiTrack also provides for the creation of actions on TEC staff, these can simply be miscellaneous actions, unrelated to other data within the system, or can be linked to other activities recorded by the system, e.g. the outcome of a logged contact may be a number of actions and Actions can be created for Tasks within a Project.

Product Information

BusiTrack has the ability to store information on both TEC products and individual company products and to identify, for example, which of the other companies on the database are customers for these products.

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