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Does your IT strategy feature 'Open Source'? If not why not?

LOOK Systems has a strong commitment to Open Source and can show how and why your organisation should embrace it. LOOK is a team of IT professionals established in 1989 drawing on many years experience in a range of software projects. Our goal was and remains to help organisations make effective use of open systems, interoperating with proprietary software as appropriate.

Open Source (see The Open Source Initiative) is about making useful software freely available to a user community that is serious about using it - and improving it if necessary.

Please see the "LOOK Systems and Open Source" white paper for an insight into how open source software can make a difference in your network.

Most end users have little ability to direct improvements in proprietary software. They have to work around bugs or limitations. If they want enhancements they have to pay for bespoke development or licence upgrades, but most often they simply have to change to a different proprietary package. Open Source users can contribute to wish lists and receive enhancements free of charge. If they can't wait they can do the enhancement themselves or commission someone to do it for them. That someone may be the original developer or an organisation with the skills to take a software package, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and add to it without breaking it. LOOK Systems have a proven ability having taken over a variety of existing software packages and breathed new life into them.

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It could be your first step to a more effective strategy.


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